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Water treatment plants DUO 5

Water treatment plants DUO 5 is used for cleaning anaerobic (without air) and aerobic (with air) of biological treatment process. Cleaning consists of two tanks from polypropylene. The first tank is a separator of gross impurities, and two anaerobic filters. In the second tank is located aerobic sand filter composed of three layers with different size of fractions of sand and with the system of the aeration throughout the volume of the filter. Main features of the water treatment plant DUO is the zero need for electricity (the possibility of its use in areas without electricity) and low intensity of maintenance, which involves only the control and cleaning of traps coarse impurities (about once every 4 months) and the withdrawal of stabilized sludge from the bottom of the traps impurities using sludge pumps 1 x in 18 months. The only source of energy security for the activities of the plant is a height difference between the influx of waste water and runoff. Location of water treatment plant and aerobic filter can be dealt in accordance with local disposal in any distance from each other so that the declivity has been kept for a sufficient flow of wastewater. Waste water purified in this water treatment plant may be reused after the subsequent disinfectant (eg UV lamp) in conjunction with retention tanks to irrigation of plants and lawns etc.

Dimensions of the water treatment plant DUO 5

  • tank with anaerobic filter and trap dirt gross Ø 131 cm Height 152 cm
  • reservoir with sandy aerobic filter Ø 131 cm Height 77 cm

Location of water treatment plant

The location of the water treatment plant DUO 5 is necessary to ensure the excavations eventually concreting in the size of the tanks so as to achieve connection to the existing sewerage system in sufficient gradient (min 2 cm / m). Tanks must be stored in the excavation so as to be in the plane and were not exposed to ground water pressure. The upper part of the tank to filter impurities and anaerobic filters is not transit and it needs to be placed so that the access was to service openings. Tank with a sandy aerobic sand filter is the upper sand part uncovered, it is possible to overlay geotextile and fill up a thin layer of soil (15 cm) with uncovered ventilation holes. Both tanks can be after the filling water landed up by the soil all round. Sand anaerobic filter bed is not normally supplied, in agreement with the supplier it is possible to deliver.

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