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Cleaning cofferdams of washing bridges, parking areas and petroleum separators, repase-intensification separation of petroleum solids

Implementation of clean-up presents the following steps:

Redevelopment withdrawal of contaminated water through the redevelopment gravitation-sorption unit, thereby it is minimized the volume of necessary disposal of incurred hazardous waste in sludge. Extraction of sediment-sludge = hazardous wastes and their disposal within the meaning of the Act on Waste č.125/97 Coll. Extraction proceeds up until the complete exsiccation of all vacuum chambers in the pit. Followed by washing and degreasing including cleaning adjacent pipes, and consequently the exsiccation of cofferdams. It is implemented the review of the technical state of tanks and the separation technology of petroleum solids. When are founded flags of leakage distortion is recommended exploration of contamination surrounding the cofferdams. Technology of petroleum solids separation - water purification, is generally remanufactured - intensified by adding coalescent and sorbptive degree. Part of the adjusted operating technology is processed the operation rules, containing the new parameters of cleaning technology. Technology of water treatment is usually completed by the recycling circuit - the use of purified water. The service of intensified water purification technology is implemented by Prote Ltd. and contains a complete cleaning of sediments from the chambers, in exchange sorbent in sorptive stage, the control of water recycling.

Modification of the proofness of tanks and canals of wash bridges, and washing areas

Before assessing the technical state of the tank or washing area, contaminated places and surface of tank are cleaned down, degreased and purified. After this process according to the actual state can be designed any solution of the impermeability of tanks and canals.

Cleaning neutralizing tanks of accumulator stations

The content of neutralizing tanks is measured on the spot, is chemically modified and after offset water is withdrawed. Disposal of sediments from the neutralization is carried out by the exploitation and the disposal in accordance with the Act on Waste No. 125/97 Coll.

Adjustment proofing floors of warehouses, tapping station, stores and depots for hazardous waste

For the safe and environmental handling with fuels, paints, solvents, lye, acids, it is necessary to have covered storage areas so that these dangerous substances didn´t escape into the environment, didn´t soak through the bed and didn´t create contamination of soil.

Adjustment proofing floors of warehouses, workshops mounting channels, garages

The part of this service is complete removal dribbling of petroleum solids from the surface of floors, workshops, mounting channels, parking spaces, garages, so that dribbling of petroleum solids didn´t washed off during normal cleaning or rainfall which flow out to the sewage drain. After removal of dribbling and degreasing, it is sized up the state of the surface area and the choice of treatment.

Disposing of the specific contents of tanks, waste disposal

Experience has shown that in buildings are cofferdams with different content, where it isn´t possible to describe the history and chemism. Our company is eligible to take samples, to determine the method of disposal of chemicals in vicinage in order to minimize the disposal of the final volume of hazardous waste.

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