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Activities Abroad - Uzbekistan - Improvement of potable and irrigation water quality | PROTE - Progressive technology in Ecology

Uzbekistan - Improvement of potable and irrigation water quality in the region of Aral Sea with use of cleaning devices and sorbents of the czech fabrication


  • Project number: 81/04-06/MZe/B
  • Aid receiver: Republic of Uzbekistan, Karakalpakstan
  • Gestor: Ministry of agriculture, The Czech Republic
  • Overall budget: 550 000 EUR
  • Time of realization: 2004 – 2008

1. Goals of the project

Basic aim and goal of the project within the technical development aid was, with utilization of erudition and technologies of Czech experts, to help the partner side, Uzbekistan, with resolving very urgent situation of quality potable water supply to the people in the Aral region and to find out the means of more effective secondary use of water for communal use and irrigation.

The goal of the first phase was to create a place for students and professionals for a study of complex conception of technologies for potable water preparation, waste water cleaning and its subsequent use for effective means of irrigation.

The goal of the second phase of the project was to execute a monitoring of water sources in Aral region, to find out the tipical parametres of pollution and to test the technological means of water cleaning with assessment of the local conditions.

The goal of the third phase was to find a building suitable for supplying of particular technological equipment for improvement of potable water supply, including the project documentation.

2. Project executors

Project coordinator:
Czech agricultural university Prague, institute of tropics and subtropical regions
Kamýcká 129, 165 21 Praha 6 – Suchdol, Czech Republic
Doc.Ing. Vladimír Krepl, CSc.
Technical project executer:
PROTE spol. s r.o.
Nad Hradním potokem 386, 162 00 Prague 6 – Veleslavín
Ing. Radomír Mališ

3. Project partners

Mirzo Ulugbek National university of Uzbekistan
Chancellor Gofurjon I. Mukhamedov
Karakalpak filial of RU Academy of sciences
Chairman Nagmet K. Aimbetov, senator of Karakalpakstan
Urgenc State University
Chancellor Azimboy A. Eshchanov

Download project (.doc): Improvement of the quality of drinking and irrigation water in the Aral Sea region

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