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Research Studies

Our company has already completed a great many complex research works in the area of pollution and hydrogeological studies. When carrying out more extensive studies, we proceed in inter-connected progressive stages. The actual extent and content of the research study is determined by the required targets of the work. We carry out complex studies in the entire profile or only in the zone of interest (e.g. the saturated and unsaturated zones). The target of our study, usually pollution, consists in understanding the pollution as best as possible and describing it so as to obtain sufficient information to make a decision on the hazards, the approach to be adopted and further working procedure. As a rule, the targets of investigation of the pollution being studied include determination of:

  • the contaminating substance
  • the source of contamination
  • the magnitude and degree of contamination
  • the valid migration parameters
  • the history of the pollution and its trends in time
  • endangering of sites by spreading of the contamination – description
  • the requirements and means of decontamination – assessment

Study in stages

From an economic standpoint, more extensive research studies are divided up into individual stages so that subsequent refinement can be carried out in an extent and at sites where it is necessary to obtain better information.

Ecological audit and risk analysis

We are competent pursue certificate ecological audit and risk analyses in all the type object and locations, inclusive interpretation effect hazardous matters.

  • explosive (munition)
  • oxidizing matters
  • corrosive matters
  • highly combustible
  • excitable
  • toxic

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