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Water Disinfection System IVK-1 - Disinfection Pen

IVK-1 is a small portable device for the disposal of pathogenic bacteria in water. The device biocidal action is based on the electrolytic release of the combination of silver/copper/gold ions into the water, which destroys a broad range of bacteria such as E. coli, Typhoid-Paratyphoid, Legionella pneumophila, Salmonella, Vibrio cholerae asiaticae, Lamblia intestinalis, Cryptosporidium parvum, etc.

The unique feature of IVK-1 is in the application of a specific three-metal alloy, which provides the highest biocidal activity for a wider range of bacteria at the lowest levels of metals.


IVK-1 is a small and robust device, which can reliably sanitize drinking water in various conditions and circumstances, where the safety of water is questionable: on camping trips, at holiday destinations, hospitals, public places, etc.

Technical specifications of IVK-1

Time required to treat 1 litre of water 30 seconds
Time required to destroy bacteria after treatment of water 5-120 minutes according to the concentration of bactery
Duration of pathogen-free sate of water after treatment Up to 12 months
Alloy electrode life span during average ion concentration Ag 50µg/l 3,000 litres of water
Power 12 V battery, type 27AE
Device size: diameter / length 14 mm / 132 mm

IVK-1 parts

IVK-1 comprises a body (1), a cap (2) with a light indicator (3), a battery (4), an alloy electrode (5) and a hood (6).

Disinfection pen


Unscrew and remove the hood (6), and immerse the electrode (5) into the water at the depth of 2-7 centimeters. The light (3) will start glowing, indicating that the water disinfection process is in progress. Ensure good mixing of the water by vigorously moving the device in water during treatment. The duration of treatment is calculated as 60 seconds per one litre of water. Therefore, two litres of water will require 120 seconds of treatment, and so on.

The duration of treatment is calculated as 30 seconds per one litre of water. Therefore, two litres of water will require 60 seconds of treatment, and so on.

After treatment of water, remove the device from the water and let drip the electrode and shake with the pen and wipe it for removing  water and metal oxides from the electrode. When the electrode is properly dried, the light indicator (3) will go off.

Replace the cap (6).

Total destruction of harmful bacteria in the treated water will occur within 60 minutes.

Replacement of battery

  • The device uses battery 23A or 27A (slim version of the device), 12 V power.
  • Failure to properly dry the electrode after use will shorten the life span of the battery!

When the device electrode is immersed into water, and the light indicator (3) does not light up, it means that the battery power is exhausted and no disinfection occurs. The battery must be replaced. Unscrew the cap (2) and install a new battery (4) making sure the polarity of the battery (+ and -) match the drawing above.

Expected life span of the battery in approximately 400-500l of treatment water.

Main benefits of the IVK-1 device

  • small (size of a normal pen) and robust
  • very easy to use
  • reliable and effective disinfection for pathogenic bacteria
  • provide a long-lasting stable residual disinfection effect in water
  • can be applied to highly polluted and turbid water
  • does not change taste and appearance of treated water
  • does not result in dangerous halogenated organic by-products such as trihalomethanes (THM), chloramines and chloroform

Use of IVK - 1 ionizer:

Water disinfection
By a vigorous stirring of water by the device for a time of 60s.
Augmentation of immunity level, prevention of infectious diseases
By a vigorous stirring of water by the device for a time of 30s. Thus treated water is to be used instead of normal drinking water for cooking and drinking.
Prevention and treatment of viral diseases
By a vigorous stirring of water by the device for a time of 3 minutes. Use the treated water as a solution for gargling 3 to 5 times a day and as nose-drops.
Acceleration of healing of small injuries and festering skin-diseases
Moisten skin with water, place the device´s electrode to the problematic place thus that also a part of the body of the device around the electrode touches it; the indicator will shine.
Time of treatment 5-8 seconds, may be repeated 2-3 times.
For disinfection of the dishes, clothes, home tools and also for washing of fruits and vegetables
Treat 1l of water by a vigorous stirring of water by the device for a time of 3 minutes. Use this water instead of normal water when washing up and washing generally.

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Disifection penDisinfection penDisinfection penDisinfection pen

Disinfection pen

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