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The PROTE Company introduces to the market electrochemically active solutions under the trade label VertEsprit, with high biocidal effect, employing a new approach to a biocidal effect of non-dangerous chemicals. It has a wide range of use against dangerous pathogens. Our products VertEsprit destroy all micro-organisms during a short contact.

Thanks to a high effect at low concentration of effective substance and considerate ecological effects it is taken by many experts for the most reasonable variation to the still widely used toxic chemicals.

VertEsprit - Use for:

  • Disinfection in sanitary, boarding, lodging and commanding facilities
  • Bacterial decontamination of surfaces and air, securing of buildings and persons
  • Disinfection of surgical instruments
  • Disinfection of kitchen facilities
  • Disinfection of water sources etc.

It has an excellent biocide and sporocidal effect in comparison with other products and it supports the process of decreasing of the use of chlorine in our life.

  • Disinfection solutions are non-toxic, non-sensibilizing and non-irritating.
  • They are fully biologically degradable and they are not ecologically harmful. It´s use saves large financial amounts and saves also the environment. There is no need of any other technologies for its liquidation and there is no dangerous waste resulting from its use.
  • When you take over 1000 liters of extract we provide a discount of basic prices.

This concentrate can be diluted in different proportions, according to the recovery, while maintaining all of its excellent properties. The concentrate can be supplied in containers of 5, 30 and 1000 liters, the other according to customer's needs.

VertEsprit is known for its excellent properties; it´s extended across Western Europe, USA and is in widespread use. (eg, Heineken Brewery, potable water treatment facilities, hospitals, shopping centers, buildings, interiors, air conditioning, livestock farming, food production, etc.).

Its use will save considerable financial resources, and ultimately also protect our environment. The disposal is no longer any need for technology and its use does not involve hazardous waste.

We look forward to mutual cooperation!

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