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The PROTE Ltd. Company introduces to the market a new, highly efficient anti-mould formulation Sorbus, suitable for mould elimination at objects coming into touch with food. The product was developed for use in nutritional operation, for treatment of repeatedly used devices, their parts and wrappers of stored material, against moulds.

It´s effect is not so penetrative as that of Asperol, but is suitable for use in the nutritional environment.


The formulation is used for mould elimination at places, where they emerge and for treatment of these places against their prospective emergence. Usually, these are moist, dank places with unsufficient air circulation. Individual objects and technical devices can be treated with the formulation.

Examples of Use

  • kitchen tools and machines
  • wrappers of foodstuff and their storing places


  • First, remove the mould vegetation from the affected surface by a piece of cloth or sponge dipped in Sorbus formula, while taking care not to contaminate the clean surfaces. Contaminated cloths or sponges are to be separated to a prepared container or bag. Spread Sorbus (best with a brush) to thus decontaminated surface.
  • Spreading rate 1 l/10m2, depending on the level of absorbability of the surface sanitated.
  • At places where the above-described decontamination is not possible, apply the formulation in the form of an aerosol.

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