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Bilikuk S

Under favorable conditions, micro-organisms are responsible for biodegradation, produce enzymes that are capable of splitting the contaminant molecule - decomposing it into simpler parts, and finally to CO2 and H2O. Plant and animal fats, sugars, starch and bio-excrements are suitable food for micro-organisms in the Bilikuk S bacterial mixture.

The exceptional quality of the microbiological solution Bilikuk S can be used in waste systems both to ensure permanent cleanness of the walls of the pipelines, pumps and sumps, and also to decrease the content of fats in sewerage according to the limits in the sewer regulations at the given locality. It is advantageous to use it, e.g., for:

  • Septic tanks
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Meat industry
  • Restaurants
  • Canteens
  • School and company canteens
  • Buffets and other eating establishments
  • Operations, production and processing of foodstuffs
  • Hotels
  • Conserving companies
  • Dairies
  • Ready-to-cook meal production operations
  • Hospitals - canteens, kitchens, laboratories
  • Sugar factories
  • Production of cosmetics
  • Operations and production processing fats
  • Production of sausages and delicatessen products

Other favorable effects of the Bilikuk S preparation

  • Solves problems associated with cleaning clogged pipes
  • Solves problems associated with deposition of sludges
  • Saves plumbers' charges
  • Prevents the cleaning and removal of the contents of fat collection equipment
  • Regulates the treatment of waste waters to the level of the standards of the sewer regulations
  • Prevents fines and sanctions for excessive pollution of waste waters
  • Increases the capacity and flow rate in pipes and sumps
  • Saves investments in reconstruction of waste systems
  • Eliminates contamination and smells caused by human and animal excrement (urine, perspiration, solid excrement - bathrooms, spas, WC, septic tanks, stables, cages, etc.
  • Suppresses the occurrence of rats

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Bilikuk SBilikuk S

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